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About us

Zululand Taxidermy was first established in 1983. In 1996 Coenie & Thea Swanepoel purchased the business and changed the name to Zululand Taxidermy. Situated in the heart of Northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, commonly known as Zululand, the name seemed an obvious choice. . .


Since 1996, the business has expanded rapidly from a staff compliment of five to thirty full time employees in 2002, and our business premises have doubled in size to accommodate our expansion. 

2018 What a year? We have moved our business from rural Magudu to Pongola town see photo's below. For us it was a huge improvement to our ability to produce trophies much faster than in the past. We have much more work space in the new building and are now also registered by the South African Department of Veterinary Services to import trophies directly to our premises from any country in the World. We also want to thank our loyal supporters over the years for entrusting us with their work. Without your loyal support we would not have achieved all this. Please if you travel to Pongola  your are invited to visit our Studio where we will give you a personal tour of our facility.


Coenie Swanepoel
Taxidermist &  CEO
Thea Swanepoel Co- Owner
Financial Director
Jaco Bothma 
Anthony Lindsay
Joan Vos
Import  Permits & Export Docs
Magriet Lindsay
Snr Secretary, Accounts &
Stefan Mathee

Coenie's Bufallo Hunt

CAPEFOX N copy copy.jpg
LION HYENA ACTMNT copy copy copy.jpg
CARACAL copy copy.jpg
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